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Brownstone Insurance has been insuring townhouses throughput greater Boston since the first condominium concept was introduced. Today, we are the largest insurer of these landmark buildings.

For over 23 years, the brownstone program has provided greater Boston neighborhoods a unique insurance product backed by the largest insurer in the world.

You might ask why choose Brownstone? We know the business and we know the special needs of condominiums. We carefully underwrite our business and only select the very best. This allows us to offer the best coverage’s at the most competitive prices.


Basic : includes Property (building) General Liability, Energy Equipment

Options : Fidelity, Directors and Officers, Earthquake, Terror, Flood, Workers Compensation, Excess Liability.


How much do we insure our building for?
Do I Insure the interior of my unit?
How much of a deductible should we have?
What to look for in an insurance company?


How much do we insure our building for?

You need to insure your building to its 100% replacement value. The amount it would cost to replace the entire structure along with the fees and expenses involved. This does not mean the MARKET VALUE. Replacement cost and market value are often confused with each other. You can use our simple replacement cost calculator to get a minimum amount of coverage ( Replacement cost calculator )

Do I insure the interior of my unit?

This is the most asked question and the most misunderstood. Most people are either under insured or over insured, because they do not understand the coverage on the master policy and the insurance requirements of their condominium documents and by-laws.

To answer this question, you need to read the policy and the insurance section of your condominium documents in the “ Insurance section”.

Most master policies will cover the entire building (ALL-IN) sans your personal property and most insurance sections of the condo doc’s will require the association to handle it this way. Do not assume. Check the documents before you buy your condo homeowners policy.

How much of a deductible should we have?

That depends. If you can withstand a large loss without putting in a claim you may be better off. First there is a significant savings and secondly, you will not be having negative experience with your insurer. Deductibles of $2500 and $5,000 are most common.

What to look for in an insurance company?

Look for a Company that has at least an “A” rating. One that has a reputation for handling claims fairly and an agent who has an understanding of condominium association issues.

If you have any questions or would like a quick quote, please contact us by telephone at: 617-236-6400 or sales@brownstoneinsurance.com

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